The campaign's latest travels

Happy holidays! Last weekend our campaign traveled to four different counties in southern California! San Jose in Santa Clara County, Palm Springs in Riverside County, Calexico in Imperial County, and Orange County.

While we were in Calexico we went to the border wall with Mexico and did a campaign video. It's an imposing wall, which allows capital to move freely, but prevents people from being free. Some people who can get across, but who don't pay as much, have to wait hours. There's a high cost pay lane for people with more money. Of course money flies across with no barrier. This is only one of the reasons NAFTA is egregious. Another is that NAFTA allows corporations to flee U.S. environmental and labor laws to pollute our neighbor country and abuse our neighboring workers. 

We were able to get together quite a few people to help activate a Green Party County Council in Imperial County! This is our second GPCC we've helped to activate. The other is Siskiyou County at the far north of California. 

We'll go back down to southern California and do another county circuit in a couple of weeks!

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