Josh Jones is a people-powered candidate.

Our platform is based on two principles: maximize equality of opportunity, and minimize harm. We take no money from corporations, nor do we think they would want to donate to us anyway.

What follows is an initial overview of our platform. As we travel across California, we will be listening to people and refining it based on what we hear. That means that our platform is your platform.

  • Government Healthcare - such as single-payer or Medicare-for-all
  • Ending Corporate Personhood
  • Rolling Back Prop 13 on Commercial Property
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Make Public Universities, Community Colleges, and Trade Schools Tuition-Free
  • Increase Public Transportation Subsidies; More light rail within cities, connect cities to each other, as well as rail to vacation destinations - examples of this existed 100 years ago. Modernize our rail systems so it's like Europe's - Concrete railway ties. Light rail should be electric. Get off of fossil fuel use for electricity and for transport. 
  • Emphasize higher housing in city centers and town centers. University housing where applicable. Build up. Limit sprawl in cities. Countryside is different. Need to mitigate spiking housing prices, for rent and purchase. Require developers to build a larger percentage of affordable housing. The California government can build affordable housing if developers will not - condos with garden allotments for each flat would help with beautification. They do it in Denmark, and we've built like this in California in decades past to help with housing - we can do it again - but this time for everyone.   
  • Mass Incarceration: We need to deal with police brutality, they need to be given de-escalation training. Anyone who is in jail for a charge that is no longer illegal needs to be released immediately and stripped of any charges or felony status. Decriminalize drugs and move to the Portuguese model of drug-relationship, not drug-addiction. We can move to enforce the minimum wage in prisons. Part of the cause of private prisons, and increased imprisonment in general, is the proviso in the old 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, wherein 'slavery is illegal, except in the case of imprisonment'. This only encourages the creation of laws to criminalize people. Eventually we must amend this - before that we must abolish private prisons.
  • Protect the sanctuary status of California. Stop deportations and harassment by ICE. Provide a pathway to citizenship for all who live and work here.
  • Water: Review dams to see which need to be taken down. Dams existence increases potential for flooding. Decommission them where necessary. Look into low head dams where applicable, with fish bypass; manmade streams for salmon migration. Multiple side-of-river groundwater recharge reservoirs are better - a flooding river flows into these while allowing natural but controlled river flows. The water of these side-reservoir is still available for agriculture. Nature needs to be allowed to exist; humans should have as small a footprint as possible while still ensuring our own survival.
  • Ban fracking to save the groundwater.
  • Water to LA. Desalination is expensive. Delta Tunnel is an anti-eco project to lower organic content. This is mixed with the higher salt Colorado River water to allow LA water to get under the regulatory maximum of salts and organics. Should be relying on water collection closer to LA for water security. Where desalination is feasible, that too.
  • Decommission nuclear power plants. Dry cask the nuclear-waste fuel-rods properly, with casks made of ductile steel that are at least 10" thick, not a few inches thick and of a steel type that becomes brittle with neutron bombardment. In the event of an earthquake elevated cooling ponds can crack, allowing meltdown of the rods, like Fukushima, and we don't want that in California. 
  • Move to sustainable energy for California instead of fossil fuels. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, wave, and tidal distributed power generation. All power from these sources by 2030. Look at how quickly America electrified the country - we can do this too.
  • Oil severance tax. Like Alaska and Texas, California can tax oil production. Goes into budgetary reform and to fund education. 
  • Ban feed lots.
  • California National Guard should not be deployed overseas in wars of adventure; they should be deployed to national disasters instead. Send them to Puerto Rico not Afghanistan.

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  • commented 2018-05-04 22:26:26 -0700
    I agree with John Pritchard that overpopulation is a topic that the Green Party and all candidates for office should deal with. For some reason that I don’t understand, this seems to be a “taboo” subject. There are finite resources in the world. Only so much land, water, etc. Failure to address overpopulation will inevitably lead to people fighting, killing each other over scarce food and other necessities of life.
  • commented 2018-05-04 17:07:43 -0700
    I see some large omissions from your platform, things that are truly green and biocentric rather than anthropocentric. First would be restoring and increasing funding for State Parks, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Weed Management Areas, and other State agencies that protect biodiversity. And of course there is always the big thing missing from the Green Party and every other political party, no mention of overpopulation.
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