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    More about Josh

    Josh Jones was born in 1966, at a time of political change in California and the United States. Little did we realize at the time that corporations were fleeing our laws to spread pollution and break our labor laws overseas.  
    Josh is the only California Gubernatorial candidate who was in Occupy/Decolonize and was a Berniecrats volunteer organizer. He has since switched to the Green Party as a consequence of three main factors - corruption observed at the national, state and county level. At the national level the admission that DNC does not have to follow the will of the voters, at the state level the questionable results of the election of the California Democratic Party Chair, and county level the convenient rule change from two years to four years to elect CA Democratic County Party board members.
    In June of 2015, Josh founded the Davis for Bernie community group with friends. They tabled at the Davis Farmers' Market Wednesdays and Saturdays, and eventually had more than 300 volunteers on paper. Some volunteers would simply print and provide much needed literature, some volunteers would show up at various times. 30 core volunteers and 10 core organizers rounded out the team. The Davis for Bernie tabling continued until the June primary of 2016. 
    Josh traveled with volunteers to Reno, Nevada, starting in October of 2015, to canvas for Bernie, far in advance of the official campaign, where they organized and worked from a Berniecrat field captain house. In Reno Josh volunteered alongside Bernie volunteers who were eventually hired to work for the campaign. He traveled to Nevada and Utah with Berniecrat volunteers to help get out the vote and to help run caucuses. In Nevada they organized a caucus at the University Nevada, Reno. In Utah they organized a caucus in Spanish Fork, UT.
    As a result, Josh was asked to be the Convener of the Bernie Delegate election caucus for California Congressional District 3. Josh gained more strong Bernie allies through this process; not only the 54 Sen. Sanders Delegate Conveners across California, but also the Delegates for Sen. Sanders as well. 
    Through the efforts of Davis for Bernie, and other groups in Yolo County, we were able to win Yolo County for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the presidential primary election of 2016. After the primary election in California, Josh went with friends to Philadelphia to protest the DNC in July 2016. Unwilling to vote for either of the Presidential candidates who had emerged, Josh voted for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party on election day in November 2016.
    Josh co-founded one of the first official Berniecrats Club of Yolo County in February of 2017. Afterward, Josh was elected President of the Berniecrats of Yolo County. This presidency had a two year term. This club and presidency occurred after the ADEMs election, where ~70% of the Delegates were Berniecrats. After recruiting many of the lefty Delegates for the ADEMs election in Assembly District 4, and after the resounding election in Jan. of 2017 of the Progressive-Labor Alliance Slate in AD-4, there was a tremendous amount of momentum. It was an excellent experiment in getting candidates elected with grassroots organizing, being corporate-free, and speaking to the people's issues!
    In the January 2017 ADEMs ~700 voters came out to stand in the wind and rain; this was an increase of 10x! The prior ADEMs election in Jan. 2015 had only ~70 voters, 30 of which were running for election themselves. Josh credits this increase in voter interest largely to the Progressive-Labor Alliance slate platform, which was very lefty, focusing on rights of the people. Positions like No DAPL, Getting money out of politics, Empowering tribal nations, and Criminal justice reform, et al. If we focus on solutions for the people, and are corporate-free, those who usually don't vote will vote. 
    Throughout these endeavors, Josh amassed a vast network of activists, organizers, and elected politicians. 



    Josh left the Democratic Party in August 2017, returning to the Green Party. Josh realized the Republicans and Democrats  engage in transactional politics which favor corporate-bought candidates. Though he stays in contact with his Berniecrat allies, Josh appreciates that the Green Party as a whole is corporate-free and operates from a moral foundation.
    Josh Jones is currently a writer. He has several upcoming kids books, a novella, and a political thesis. His most recently released book is titled, "The Cookie Kingdom and the Grumpy Little Man". His next kids book to be released is called, "Hey Cat, Hey Bird". Josh's novella is halfway written, is in the steam punk genre, is comprised of counter-factual history, and, of course, steam power being used in the 18th Century. This novella currently has no name, but the working title is the "19 Years War". It entails the original 13 U.S. colonies being conquered instead by Native Americans, and the consequences to history and characters thereafter. 
    Josh was a Solar Electric Designer for an engineering firm in Davis, CA, creating some of the largest solar arrays in the U.S. from May 2007 until Sept of 2011. Before that he worked in Architectural Design. He created the industry standard for distributed energy generation in engineering plan sets, during his work as a Solar Electric Designer. Josh achieved this by working with the 113 committee members of U.S. National CAD Standards in 2010, representatives of every building industry, all at top levels in their field. Through the USNCS Josh was able to advance many solar electric engineering symbols for vote and acceptance, as well as the primary level discipline designator "W". This discipline on the plan set sheets is similar to E for Electrical, P for Plumbing, where W now represents Distributed Energy Generation. This now allows easy implementation of new construction with integrated distributed energy generation. 
    Josh's father was a fire captain for most of his life growing up - he grew up in the fire family. Indoctrinated into that life, he joined the Fire Explorers at the age of 14. It would have been easy for him to join the fire department, but he didn't want to get divorced, so he pursued Geology instead.
    Josh has experience and knowledge in water policy and hydrology, renewable energy production, fire science and fire suppression, committee negotiation, agriculture, forestry, business start-up process, and history of government healthcare in the United States. His family has been in California for at least four generations. His great grandfather was a Native American, "adopted" from Indian Country by a woman from the South, who emigrated to Far Northern California near Mount Shasta. Josh has family all over CA, and grew up in Orange County, Red Bluff, and the Sierra Nevadas. Growing up, Josh and his family often fished there, and in the Trinity Alps, Lewiston Lake, Shasta Lake, Copco Lake, the Kern River, and Lake Isabella.

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    I will fight to:

    End corruption in politics, overturn Citizens United, and get big money out of politics. I will only accept contributions from individuals.

    I will push to increase farmworkers' rights; good working conditions, a livable wage, and good housing, such that an average Californian would also be willing to do that kind of work.

    Companies and wealthy people need to pay their fair share of taxes. This is what progressive taxation is all about; simply pay for last year's infrastructure services. That infrastructure was already there before they became rich.

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    $9,157.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    Josh Jones's campaign takes no corporate money - we are by the people, for the people. Endorsed by Green Party of California.

    Even a donation of $10 can help!

    Don’t forget to vote Josh Jones for Governor on June 5th! 

    So far we have covered our $3,800 filing fee. Additionally we covered our 83-word candidate statement at a cost of $2,075 - $25 a word. Many of the other gubernatorial candidates have budgets of millions! We run a much tighter ship while getting more done. We are visiting voters in all 58 counties across California, and spent only $6,000 doing it. 

    Please consider donating to our campaign. Help us to represent human rights, not corporate rights.     

    If you would prefer to donate via PayPal, you can do that here.


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