I will fight to:

End corruption in politics, overturn Citizens United, and get big money out of politics. I will only accept contributions from individuals.

I will push to increase farmworkers' rights; good working conditions, a livable wage, and good housing, such that an average Californian would also be willing to do that kind of work.

Companies and wealthy people need to pay their fair share of taxes. This is what progressive taxation is all about; simply pay for last year's infrastructure services. That infrastructure was already there before they became rich.

As Governor I will demand this: privatization of public schools must stop. To increase school funding we must amend Prop 13 to reflect taxes prior to 1970 for commercial buildings, while retaining the same status for single homes. An oil severance tax will help fund schools too, bringing in 1.5 billion. Alaska and Texas do it; why not California? Reducing K-6 class size to 20 or even 15 students would greatly help real socialization and learning for children in those crucial formative years. We need to give California children a better chance.

As Governor, I will strive to end homelessness and push to make housing affordable in California. At the same time, mass incarceration in private prisons must stop. Black lives matter. Prisons should not be making profits from quasi-slavery of prison workers.

As Governor I will work to achieve CA state investment in renewable energy and get us off of fossil fuels. Coal and oil are fuels of the 19th and 20th centuries; fracking for natural gas destroys our groundwater aquifers. Water is crucial to life in California. The environment we live in should not be polluted or destroyed, whether you live in the country or the city.

As a solar electric designer I helped create megawatt solar arrays across the U.S. As an author I've addressed moral quandaries. As Governor of the beautiful state of California I will push to bring our University of California back to the Golden Promise. If a good student wants a four year degree, or wishes to attend a technical school, then that should be paid for by the state of California, the way it was shortly after WWII. This legacy is one of the reasons CA has the 6th largest economy in the world.

As Governor I will not hesitate to sign a bill for universal healthcare, which must include good vision, dental, and mental health services. Government healthcare is a necessary part of social infrastructure, just like roads and sewers. Do we want cholera, diphtheria, and malaria rampant in our populace? No. We need our people to not suffer and be healthy, we need our people to strive and achieve.

As Governor I will promote, push, and fight for these things. Support our campaign, elect me, and I will fight for your cause! Thank you.

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  • commented 2018-05-17 22:51:09 -0700
    Very good, bold common sense ideas.
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