$8,733.00 raised
Goal: $10,000.00

Josh Jones's campaign takes no corporate money - we are by the people, for the people. Endorsed by Green Party of California.

Even a donation of $10 can help!

We have two urgent needs right now:

1.) Our need for $3,000 so that we can pay for targeted TV advertising, before early voting starts on May 7th. 

2.) Our need is to pay for continued travel to the remaining 25 counties in California. Josh Jones for Governor has had meetings in 33/58 counties! Even $10 can help. When one thousand people donate $10 each, Josh Jones for Governor will have $10,000 to work with - for the remaining 1.5 months of the campaign.

We are zeroing in on our goal of having meetings in every single one of the 58 counties across California - counties with diverse terrain such as cities, agricultural areas, mountains, beaches - from redwood rainforest to desert. All California’s communities deserve to be heard and represented! 

So far we are hearing stories of housing crises in urban areas, pesticide pollution in agricultural areas, and forgotten communities with no effective state representation. Help us to change this picture for the better. Josh Jones is corporate-free, so your small donation is essential and greatly appreciated! Even $10 can help!

As the endorsed Green Party of California candidate, don’t forget to vote Josh Jones for Governor on June 5th! 

So far we have covered our $3,800 filing fee. Additionally we covered our 83-word candidate statement at a cost of $2,075 - $25 a word. Many of the other gubernatorial candidates have budgets of millions! We run a much tighter ship while getting more done. We've already visited voters in 33 of the 58 counties across California and only spent $6,000 doing it. 

Please consider donating to our campaign. Help us to represent human rights, not corporate rights.     

If you would prefer to donate via PayPal, you can do that here.

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