Onstage at Whole Earth Festival

This last Mother's Day weekend I spoke onstage for half an hour to a crowd of four hundred people. I went on between two main acts - great bands playing music in the afternoon. 

I spoke about California water policy, hydrology and recycling of water to build municipal water stock. I spoke about the immorality of prison slavery - it's outrageous that there are more slaves now than there ever were before. The thirteenth amendment supposedly abolished slavery, but there's a comma, unless someone is convicted of a crime. After the civil war, they simply put slaves behind walls to hide them. Jim Crow laws and vagrancy laws were excuses to create more slaves behind walls, and the drug wars continued that. We need to end this practice entirely. It's always been immoral and it always will be.

I also talked about homelessness, and solutions to house people. Ending Costa Hawkins, ending the Ellis Act, tiny houses, regulating AirBnB to open up housing stock to renters, and even government housing, are all solutions that must happen soon. The housing crisis in California is an emergency. We can and will solve this problem. 

It is the job of leaders to create conditions wherein the people can thrive.

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The campaign's latest travels

Happy holidays! Last weekend our campaign traveled to four different counties in southern California! San Jose in Santa Clara County, Palm Springs in Riverside County, Calexico in Imperial County, and Orange County.

While we were in Calexico we went to the border wall with Mexico and did a campaign video. It's an imposing wall, which allows capital to move freely, but prevents people from being free. Some people who can get across, but who don't pay as much, have to wait hours. There's a high cost pay lane for people with more money. Of course money flies across with no barrier. This is only one of the reasons NAFTA is egregious. Another is that NAFTA allows corporations to flee U.S. environmental and labor laws to pollute our neighbor country and abuse our neighboring workers. 

We were able to get together quite a few people to help activate a Green Party County Council in Imperial County! This is our second GPCC we've helped to activate. The other is Siskiyou County at the far north of California. 

We'll go back down to southern California and do another county circuit in a couple of weeks!

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I will fight to:

End corruption in politics, overturn Citizens United, and get big money out of politics. I will only accept contributions from individuals.

I will push to increase farmworkers' rights; good working conditions, a livable wage, and good housing, such that an average Californian would also be willing to do that kind of work.

Companies and wealthy people need to pay their fair share of taxes. This is what progressive taxation is all about; simply pay for last year's infrastructure services. That infrastructure was already there before they became rich.

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Tabling For Single Payer - Health Care for All California

Today several of us went to the Farmers' Market and tabled in support of Senate Bill SB562. It's always fun getting out and speaking to the people! Despite the numerous fires in CA we had great weather, no smoke and no rain, though it was windy. Rocks on our literature was a must! Melissa Johnson-Camacho brought excellent color handouts, as well as Millie and Dan Braunstein, who are from Healthcare for All California. Special thanks to Cheli, Daphne, Louise, and of course, Kristal!

We had quite a few people come by talk about single payer healthcare, and some signed up for later information. We learned some things as well! 

Some of the things I was able to address:

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Official Announcement of Josh Jones for Governor 2018

This evening, at the most recent meeting of the Berniecrats club in Yolo County, I announced my run for Governor of California on the Green Party ticket. The club thanked me for my service as their President, and gave me a round of applause. I, in turn, thanked the members and the board for their outstanding support and strong efforts in activism over the last year, and before. They are all great organizers, each one of them. 

I told them I had resigned from the Democratic Party, some weeks prior, in favor of the Green Party. There are many reasons for this, and it's been long coming. Having been a Green in prior years, I had moved to Dem to found the local Davis for Bernie Sanders group in June of 2015. In November of 2016 I went back to the Greens and voted for Jill Stein. Now I'm home and running hard, to fight for human rights, workers rights, marginalized peoples' rights, environmental rights: in short, the rights of all people in California. 

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