About Josh

Josh's platform is based on two principles: maximize equality of opportunity, and minimize harm.

We will take no money from corporations.

Josh has made a special pledge to take absolutely no coal, oil, or fracking money.

Corporate-free and people powered.

Josh is the only California Gubernatorial candidate who was in Occupy/Decolonize and was a Berniecrats volunteer organizer. He has since switched to the Green Party in protest of Democratic Party corruption on all levels.
Josh founded Davis for Bernie Sanders in 2015. As a volunteer activist for Bernie's campaign, he traveled to Nevada and Utah, was convenor of the Bernie delegate election caucus in CD3, and most of all, secured a win for Bernie in his area of Yolo County - a victory for people power over big Democratic establishment money.
Josh helped campaign for Dr. Jill Stein in October and November of 2016, and spearheaded initial efforts to found the Green Party of Yolo County. He then returned to the Democratic Party to lead a team of committed progressives to electoral victory in the Assembly Delegate elections (ADEMs), where turnout was increased tenfold from prior elections. On the back of the ADEM victory, Josh co-founded and was elected President of the Berniecrats-Labor Alliance of Yolo County. Through this work, he was able to expose widespread fraud and corruption in the Democratic Party, as well as what he calls a culture of transactional politics.
Josh is also an author; his most recent publication being the children's book "The Cookie Kingdom and the Grumpy Little Man". When Josh is not on the campaign trail he is working on his next novella, "The 19 Years War", a counter-factual story of how history would have been different if the Native Americans had successfully resisted the takeover of Turtle Island.
More information about Josh can be found here.

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