Official Announcement of Josh Jones for Governor 2018

This evening, at the most recent meeting of the Berniecrats club in Yolo County, I announced my run for Governor of California on the Green Party ticket. The club thanked me for my service as their President, and gave me a round of applause. I, in turn, thanked the members and the board for their outstanding support and strong efforts in activism over the last year, and before. They are all great organizers, each one of them. 

I told them I had resigned from the Democratic Party, some weeks prior, in favor of the Green Party. There are many reasons for this, and it's been long coming. Having been a Green in prior years, I had moved to Dem to found the local Davis for Bernie Sanders group in June of 2015. In November of 2016 I went back to the Greens and voted for Jill Stein. Now I'm home and running hard, to fight for human rights, workers rights, marginalized peoples' rights, environmental rights: in short, the rights of all people in California. 

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