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  • published Onstage at Whole Earth Festival in Blog 2018-05-17 13:45:00 -0700

    Onstage at Whole Earth Festival

    This last Mother's Day weekend I spoke onstage for half an hour to a crowd of four hundred people. I went on between two main acts - great bands playing music in the afternoon. 

    I spoke about California water policy, hydrology and recycling of water to build municipal water stock. I spoke about the immorality of prison slavery - it's outrageous that there are more slaves now than there ever were before. The thirteenth amendment supposedly abolished slavery, but there's a comma, unless someone is convicted of a crime. After the civil war, they simply put slaves behind walls to hide them. Jim Crow laws and vagrancy laws were excuses to create more slaves behind walls, and the drug wars continued that. We need to end this practice entirely. It's always been immoral and it always will be.

    I also talked about homelessness, and solutions to house people. Ending Costa Hawkins, ending the Ellis Act, tiny houses, regulating AirBnB to open up housing stock to renters, and even government housing, are all solutions that must happen soon. The housing crisis in California is an emergency. We can and will solve this problem. 

    It is the job of leaders to create conditions wherein the people can thrive.