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    About your nation

    For Human Rights. Not Corporate Rights.

    Josh Jones's campaign takes no corporate money - we are by the people, for the people.

    Donate here: www.Josh4Gov.org/donate


    We are traveling to all 58 counties across California. We've had meetings and rallies north, south, east and west - from Del Norte County in the far north, to Imperial County in the far south. We’ve had meetings in the coastal counties of Bay Area and Los Angeles area, in the Sierra mountains, and counties in San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Valley of inland California.

    As we've traveled we've learned a great deal from people about the issues being faced by California's various communities. Some examples are homelessness and housing costs along the coast, while many inland areas have agricultural pollution. Some places thrive while others suffer; the reasons and locations are not what you would expect. We need to address these problems with good solutions.

    We don't spout focus group ideas. We listen to you. As a result, we've gathered problems and solutions of the people on the ground across California - we listen to you because we are not bought by corporations.

    The campaign of Josh Jones for Governor is corporate-free. We accept no money from big business or corporations. We rely on donations from real people, individuals who believe in the cause of human rights, labor rights, environmental rights, and workers rights. Josh Jones listens to you. That's why we travel to speak to every group in every region across California.

    Our platform is one of practical transformation in fields such as healthcare, energy, environment, expanding free public education to include college and trade schools, and a Green New Deal for California. Learn more here or here.

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