For Human Rights. Not Corporate Rights.

Josh Jones's campaign takes no corporate money - we are by the people, for the people. 


We have already visited 23 counties across California - from Siskiyou and Humboldt to Imperial and San Diego.

Our goal is to visit every single one of California's 58 counties, to go where politicians never go, to hear from disenfranchised communities and change the political conversation to reflect their needs and concerns. 

2018 is a time of historic change. The status quo is collapsing. The Occupy movement and the Bernie Sanders campaign demonstrated the thirst for an end to politics-as-usual in favor of politics of the 99%; with an economy which only serves the elite, a housing market in turmoil, and our planet on the verge of disaster, we could win everything, or we could lose everything.

Our platform is one of radical transformation in fields such as healthcare, energy and environment, expanding free public education to include optional college, and a Green New Deal for California. Learn more here or here.


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    The campaign's latest travels

    Happy holidays! Last weekend our campaign traveled to four different counties in southern California! San Jose in Santa Clara County, Palm Springs in Riverside County, Calexico in Imperial County, and Orange County.

    While we were in Calexico we went to the border wall with Mexico and did a campaign video. It's an imposing wall, which allows capital to move freely, but prevents people from being free. Some people who can get across, but who don't pay as much, have to wait hours. There's a high cost pay lane for people with more money. Of course money flies across with no barrier. This is only one of the reasons NAFTA is egregious. Another is that NAFTA allows corporations to flee U.S. environmental and labor laws to pollute our neighbor country and abuse our neighboring workers. 

    We were able to get together quite a few people to help activate a Green Party County Council in Imperial County! This is our second GPCC we've helped to activate. The other is Siskiyou County at the far north of California. 

    We'll go back down to southern California and do another county circuit in a couple of weeks!

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  • commented 2018-03-16 08:20:04 -0700 · Flag
    We need more self educated people like Josh, the modern day Benjamin Franklin’s, who have a natural curiosity, and are able to look at both sides of an issue to see the best solution. Without the burden of money and bribes to sway his thinking, he will be working directly for us his constituents! He will surround himself with some of the best thinkers of the day. Thank you Josh for your commitment to the people of California!
  • commented 2018-03-09 08:17:25 -0800
    My good comment does not show….?!
  • commented 2018-03-09 08:14:11 -0800
    I cannot find background, education, experience on Josh Jones. Could you put that info on this website – and on FB? Does he have a FB page? I’ll put this website on my FB page and circulate. But I’d feel more comfortable knowing his background/education/experience – what part of California is he from, has family, etc.?! Thank you, Greens!
  • commented 2018-03-08 16:25:16 -0800
    Try that again, when you get to Riverside, CA maybe Fairmount Park stage to let the voting public know what the platform is all about, (on paper you can hold in your hand) I’ll check it out! Let me know if and or when you’ll be in town. Good Luck as we all know at this point we really need a pile of it!!!!
  • commented 2018-01-06 23:16:50 -0800
    I followed the “Vote Blue no matter who” BS for a third of my life, but after the absolute insanity I witnessed in 2016, where that very party played every dirty trick they could to suppress their most viable candidate… I’m forking done giving that party any more support – Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am that I’ll be able to vote for you instead of Wal-Mart Harris or some other corporate tool this year😊
  • commented 2017-11-26 11:51:25 -0800
    We need a hard break away from Corporations. #NoCorporateMoney #Josh4Gov